I am a big podcast fan.

And since all podcasts that I'm listening to are in English, I think it's only sensible (reasonable?) to review them here. Most of them are about travelling, cause that's what I do and what I'm interested in.

The first on my list is The Amateur Traveler.

I've been listening to it for the last two months and I still haven't heard even a half of it. It's huge. I mean like... HUGE! It's been on air for 10 years now and there are 480 episodes.

It's a weekly podcast hosted by Chris Christensen who invites all kinds of travellers on his show and they talk about different cities or regions or countries. Usually it's one episode, one guest, one country/city/province/region/etc. But sometimes it might be two guests or none at all and Chris would be talking about one of his destinations.

It does not cover everything because an episode usually takes from half an hour up to an hour and it's just impossible to cover everything in such short amount of time. But if you have never been to a place it's even better that way. Because if it's the first time you hear about some Neverland, you do not need to know all these small details. You just need the basics and they provide it and some more. I like picking a random episode with a long and unfamiliar name like Winnipeg or Hyderabad and just embrace everything I hear.

There is one country that is covered very extensively and it's the US.
I know most of the states by name and that's pretty much it. And it's nice to learn some details about the places that I've known by name for so long. And I like how seriously they take it, how they find something worth mentioning even in the places where there is not much to see. And if there is nothing at all, they talk about the food :-D The food is always an option :-D I'm a foodie so I admire it greatly.

Most of all I like how inspiring this podcast is. And even though it is one of the most popular and longest-running podcasts about travel, it still feels very friendly and relaxed and even intimate(?). Like it's only the host, his guest, you and maybe a couple of other listeners. It doesn't feel commercialised at all which is very important to me. There is some advertisement though, but it's tolerable.

It's taken longer than I expected to write this, so I will continue about other podcasts that I'm listening to later. Stay tuned :-D

2015-08-29 в 00:25 

Забери меня в свой плед.
Thanks, I've been thinking recently about asking you for the links :D Maybe it'll motivate the lazy me a little bit to improve my listening skills to some tolerable level :D

2015-08-29 в 00:32 

Забери меня в свой плед.
Btw, if you got interested in USA not so long ago, have you read book of Ilf and Petrov? I've discovered it last month and it was actually pretty interesting to look at the country from their "sovietic" point of view (not as narrow as I expected!).

2015-08-29 в 01:24 

Fawksie, you are welcome)) Podcasts are ideal for improvind listening skills. Try listening and doing something else like walking or cooking or something. Because just listening might get kinda boring.

Btw, if you got interested in USA not so long ago, have you read book of Ilf and Petrov?
Одноэтажная Америка? No, I haven't read it.
Ehehe, would it be crazy to read it in English? :-D

2015-08-30 в 19:06 

Забери меня в свой плед.
englishmotherfucker, оkay, I'll definitely try to. listening+walking might be even more useful :D

if you find it in english, why not :D even though, some moments might get lost. for example, surprises why does Texas pronounce totally different from russian or imitation of speech of americans with all their junk words... but it depends on the translation.

2015-08-30 в 19:54 

Забери меня в свой плед.
I was wrong because I started with japanese review :lol: there was a short note that some people couldn't figure out japanese underground system and I was like 'what? there's all damn knowledge of world wide web for you before you go to trip, and you couldn't?' so I got butthurt :lol:


do you speak it?